Top Scholarships in Italy for International Students

Are you dreaming of studying in a European country? Opportunities Circle is here with a list of top scholarships in Italy. There are many fully funded scholarships for international students at leading universities in Italy. You can register for courses that range from short courses to undergraduate programs, master’s and PhD. Italy invites international students to plan their careers, making them stronger and more fascinating. Below are the top 10 scholarships in Italy that will facilitate you in developing professional and personality skills under the mentorship of experts. However, before diving deep into the details of the top scholarships in Italy, you must know why students are eager to study in Italy. The Italian Government Scholarships for international students is an excellent opportunity to study free in Italy.

Italy is one of the top countries in Europe, offering numerous academic and career opportunities for international students and graduates seeking opportunities to step into professional careers. Italy boasts a rich academic practice, with a number of prestigious universities that offer a range of programs taught in English. Many of these institutions have links to industry, providing students with valuable real-world experiences and networking opportunities.

Italy’s universities are well-regarded all around the globe. Universities like the University of Bologna and Politecnico di Milano consistently feature in international university rankings. The country’s commitment to academic excellence, research and innovation contributes to its global ranking. Moreover, Italy is committed to making education accessible to international students, which is why they offer many scholarships in Italy for international students. Many universities offer scholarships on a merit basis, and some grants are provided for students from lower-income families. It would almost be impossible without scholarships to study abroad because of the global economic crisis.

Hence, the scholarships in Italy for international students are an excellent opportunity for students all across the globe to avail excellent education; these European scholarships will also make the students understand Italy’s norms, culture, and people. They can work in a diverse team with people from various backgrounds, cultures, and unique mindsets. Italy also provides government scholarships; the Italy Government scholarship is one of the top scholarships in Italy for international students. 

The Italian scholarships are an amazing chance for international students to study free in Europe because there are many fully funded scholarships in Italy for international students. In addition, a number of partially funded scholarships are also available. We are here with all the information about the best scholarships in Italy for international students offered for different fields of interest. Undoubtedly, this is an excellent chance for international students to take advantage. Furthermore, these scholarships in Italy for international students can promote diplomatic relations among different countries. If your profile fulfils the scholarship requirements, give it a shot! We have compiled a list of the top scholarships in Italy for international students; you can check the opportunities and find the right opportunity to study in Italy for free.

Italian Government Scholarships

If you are looking for Master’s and PhD scholarships, you must consider the Italian government. From dance and music to arts and crafts, you have various fields to choose from. These scholarships in Europe also come with Italian language courses. The duration of these scholarships ranges from three to 9 months. In addition to the full tuition fee waiver, students also receive a monthly stipend to bear the expenses.

University of Bologna Scholarships

Suppose you aspire to pursue higher studies in European Universities. In that case, one of the best universities in the world, the University of Bologna, welcomes you to polish your skills without spending a euro. No matter where you hail from, you are free to apply and avail this excellent opportunity. University of Bologna scholarships cover tuition fee throughout your degree and provide an allowance of $13,000. If you are extraordinary and exceptional students, get ready to receive more benefits that might help reduce the financial burden and hence pay more heed to your studies. The university offers 79 master’s courses and 63 undergraduate programs with a duration of 1-2 years and four years, respectively.

Politecnico Di Milano Merit-Based Scholarship Program

This scholarship program covers numerous platinum, gold, and silver scholarships. These are Master’s scholarships that are offered to excellent students. Being a funded scholarship, you are not required to pay any tuition fee throughout your studies. The students selected for platinum and gold scholarships will receive 5,000 to 10,000 Euros annually. Politecnico Di Milano is a technological and scientific university that aims to train engineers, industrial designers, and architects and has maintained result-driven relations with business partners. If you have a relevant academic background interested in studying in Italy, don’t miss this opportunity.

Scuola Normale Superiore PhD Scholarships

These scholarships are open to innovative and excellent scholars all around the globe. The scholars will receive numerous benefits such as free meals, accommodation grants, monthly stipend, and research allowance. Students demonstrating strong academic background from any part of the world can apply. The university offers political sciences, humanities, general sciences, and social sciences courses. You will get your hands on the best and most advanced research tools, techniques and approaches.

Universita Cattolica International Scholarship Program

EU, nationals of Italy, and non-EU can avail this scholarship. The university offers a 25% discount on the program’s total cost, making it easier for everyone to access it. Furthermore, the university offers fee installments as well. Being famous for its reputation and solid networking, the institute offers numerous programs in psychology, accounting and finance, agriculture, philosophy, economics, arts, and business.

University of Pavia Scholarships in Italy

The University of Pavia welcomes students from all over the world to avail its scholarships. it offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD programs in many disciplines to improve your personal and professional skills. This university provides many full and partially funded scholarships to alleviate the financial burden.

Bocconi Merit and International Award Program

One of the most famous universities in Italy, the University of Bocconi, has brought merit-based and award scholarships for international students. It is known to provide top-notch education, bringing diverse cultures under a single roof and maintaining equality. The combination of staff, faculty, and alumni brings different ideas that make studying here the most dynamic and innovative experience. Its brilliant teaching methodologies, research, and policies have helped society to benefit from it.

EDISU Piemonte Scholarship in Italy

Students can apply in some of the universities of Piemonte, including the University of Eastern Piedmonte, the University of Torino, and Politecnico of Torino. Selection criteria include competitive ranking; hence, the institute selects top students for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD degrees. Students demonstrating strong academic backgrounds are encouraged and preferred. Furthermore, they provide accommodation for students that are not residents of Italy. You can opt for your field of interest and start your academic journey.

Padua International Excellence Scholarship Program

This scholarship is available for Master’s and Bachelor’s degree. Padua International Excellence Scholarship will include an 8,000 Euro living allowance, tuition, and accommodation fee. This international scholarship is offered for those students that demonstrate excellent academic backgrounds but, unfortunately, cannot afford to achieve their dreams of higher education. This is one of the best opportunities and contributes significantly to their profile because of its top-notch education and reputation. It provides multidisciplinary courses to choose from.

Politecnico Di Torino International Scholarships

Politecnico Di Torino offers various scholarships to study in Italy. The benefits and eligibility criteria for every program are different, and the university offers financial aid in Architecture and Engineering. This university is one of the oldest and best universities in the North-West of Italy.


So, if you plan to pursue higher education in Italy, do not forget to consider the international scholarships mentioned above. Italy is one of the favorite destinations for youth, especially when it comes to studying abroad. Numerous government scholarships, university-funded awards, and study grants are available to study in Italy. Therefore, grab the opportunity to study abroad for free!

Hopefully, the list of scholarships in Italy for international students is helpful for you to plan your higher education journey in Italy. Subscribe to stay updated about the new opportunities and get a chance to study and travel the world for free!

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