Top Fully Funded Scholarships for Arab Students

Scholarships for arab students

Here is our list of top scholarships for Arabic students. We’ve got scholarships for different programs and subjects that are available, as well as information on how to apply, who’s eligible, and other important things that you should know before applying.

These scholarships are available at different education levels for Arab students

  • Bachelors
  • Masters
  • PhD

The scholarships are in different countries where Arab students can apply directly like China, USA , Canada , UK , Germany , Italy , France

All articles we publish have eligibility criteria, benefits and application process which will surely help Arab students to getting these scholarships

Here is the list of the Scholarships for Arab students

Future Learn Scholarship 2021-2022

What you will get in this program:
  • Future learn scholarship will provide 8 free hours of counseling.
  • This scholarship will provide £4,000 worth of learning credits to be used in the courses available.
  • £1,000 will be provided for home tasks and other necessities.

UMS International Priority Scholarship (IPS) in Indonesia 2023 | Fully Funded

What you will get in this program:

This international scholarship is full of benefits. So before starting the application process, you must check the benefits of this International Priority Scholarship in Indonesia; Opportunities circle has listed the benefits below.

Benefits of the UMS International Priority Scholarship 2023 in Indonesia:

  • This scholarship covers the complete tuition fee for the entire bachelor, master and doctoral program.
  • Students will receive a living allowance of IDR 1,750,000 monthly. 
  • In addition, they will also get a book allowance of IDR 50,000 per month.
  • The IPS scholarship at UMS will also cover health insurance. 
  • A return air flight ticket for scholarship recipients.
  • Under this scholarship, all living expenses, travel costs, educational costs etc., will be covered during the scholarship period.
  • Furthermore, international students will receive expert support while working with mentors.
  • Networking opportunities.
  • Chance to study in Indonesia for free!


University of Texas Scholarship 2022, USA

What you will get in this program:

The applicants selected for the University of Texas scholarship will have the following perks.

  • The selected students will be awarded a $20,000 worth scholarship.
  • Any financial, emotional, and academic challenge preventing students from completing the degree will get personal support and motivation.
  • A personal laptop will be provided with a 4-year warranty.
  • Students will be funded $500 for their texted books and rents per annum.
  • Students can connect and communicate with professional counsellors.

Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) 2023 | Fully Funded | Study in Korea

What you will get in this program:

Global Korea Scholarship 2023-24 is a Fully Funded Scholarship in Korea for international students. Global Korea Scholarship 2023 graduate program will cover all the expenses. The benefits of Korean government scholarships are listed below:

Benefits of South Korea Scholarships for International Students:

  • Students will get a complete tuition fee waiver.
  • Selected students will get a Resettlement Allowance of KRW 200,000 when they arrive in Korea.
  • Postgraduate students will get a monthly allowance of 100,000 for masters and doctoral and 1,500,000 for research programs.
  • All students selected for the program will get medical Insurance of KRW 20,000. 
  • Research Support (KRW 210,000 – 240,000)
  • Students will get round Airfare Tickets for economy class.
  • The government of Korea will also provide students with the cost of language courses.
  • Award for Excellent Korean Language Proficiency
  • Printing Costs for a Dissertation worth KRW 500,000 – 800,000. 
  • Completion Grant worth 100,000 after the completion of the program.
  • Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study in Korea, that too for free!

ANSO Scholarships for International Students 2021

What you will get in this program:

The scholarship will provide tuition fee waiver and application fee waiver.

3000 RMB/monthly stipend for master candidates.

6000 to 7000 RMB monthly stipend for the Ph.D. program.

Health insurance will be provided.

Travel subsidy for candidates (from home country to China).

Alta Scuola Politecnica Scholarships 2021, Italy

What you will get in this program:

Alta Scuola Politecnica scholarships provide the following benefits:

  • Tuition fee waiver for the two-year program (does not include the regional tax and administrative fee).
  • ASP will cover transport costs.
  • Residential costs and meals will be covered during the ASP study period.
  • Students will receive financial support for their activities related to academic projects. This will be according to the annual financial availability.

Gadja Mada International Fellowship Program 2021

What you will get in this program:

Gadja Mada International Fellowship will provide the following:

Partial Coverage Scholarship

Tuition fee waiver

Indonesian Language Program for applicants enrolled in the INCULS program.

Health insurance.

Stay permit for the time of scholarship.

Rp 10.000.000 as thesis research fund for master’s applicants.

Everything is provided except accommodation; applicants have to pay for their accommodation by themselves.

Full Coverage Scholarship

For applicants coming from Asia, Africa, Latin America, Pacific, Middle East, and East Europe.

Tuition fee waiver

Living allowance

Economy class round-trip airfare travel.

Health insurance

Stay permit for the duration of the scholarship.

Thesis research fund Rp 10.000.000 (master) & Rp 15.000.000 (PhD)

Accommodation in Student dormitory.

Fully Funded Ton Duc Thang University Scholarship, Vietnam

What you will get in this program:

Ton Duc Thang University scholarship will provide:

Master Program

$5,000 for tuition fee

$800 for the Vietnamese language course

Monthly accommodation expense

PhD Program

100% tuition fee

Vietnamese tuition scholarship

Accommodation/accommodation grant

KAUST Scholarship Program in Saudi Arabia 2023 | Fully Funded

What you will get in this program:

All ready to start your application? Wait! First check what financial coverage this scholarship is offering and the benefits students will receive. Opportunities Circle has listed them below.

KAUST Scholarship Benefits:

  • KAUST scholarship will cover full tuition fee.
  • The monthly living allowance will be provided, depending on the degree program.
  • The King Abdullah scholarship will cover all the transport expenses.
  • The university will also cover medical and dental insurance.
  • Relocation support will be provided.
  • Last but not least, KAUST will also provide housing/accommodation.
  • Opportunity to study in Saudi Arabia for free!


Vistula University Merit Scholarship 2022

What you will get in this program:
  • Selected students will receive a 100% tuition fee exemption for the first year of education.
  • The chances of tuition fee exemption for all the semesters will be high in maintaining high academic and extracurricular performance.


What you will get in this program:
  • Islamic University Scholarship is fully funded, and it will cover all the expenses of the successful students, including the following:
  • Traveling ticket (airfare) at the time of admission and after each academic year (in some cases, check the guidelines).
  • Monthly allowance.
  • Extra allowance to the students who exhibit excellence during the period of the scholarship.
  • Non-married students will be provided with accommodation too.
  • Food from the university cafeteria.
  • The Healthcare of the student will be covered at the University’s hospital.
  • Sports facilities at the university campus.
  • Free transportation to and from Prophet’s mosque (Masjid e Nabvi) and a pilgrimage trip.

University of Miami Stamps Scholarship in USA 2023 | Fully Funded

What you will get in this program:

The University of Miami provides fully funded stamps scholarships full of benefits. Interested? Check the benefits and financial coverage of the Stamp undergraduate scholarship 2023 in the USA. 

Benefits of the University of Miami Stamp Scholarships:

  • Selected applicants will get a full tuition fee for an undergraduate degree program. 
  • International students will also get a room or an On-campus housing scholarship.
  • Furthermore, they will receive funds for books and lunch. 
  • In addition, the scholarship will cover health insurance.
  • Laptop allowance.
  • Access to enrichment funds which is $12,000, can be used toward study abroad, research, unpaid internships and other educational purposes.
  • Students will also get a chance to become a part of on-campus and national communities of Stamp Scholars, funding that will uphold projects of research and academics, as well as invitations and other areas conferences.
  • Students will get a chance to increase their networking on an international platform. 
  • Opportunity to study in the USA for free!


Queen Mary University DeepMind Scholarship in UK 2023 | Fully Funded

What you will get in this program:

Are you also interested in applying for UK scholarships? Before proceeding, check the financial coverage and benefits of the Queen Mary University DeepMind Scholarship in the UK for international students. Details about the benefits of UK scholarships are provided below.

Queen Mary University DeepMind Scholarship Benefits

  • This scholarship will cover the cost of tuition fees, i.e., £12,250.
  • The tuition fee for international students is £28,950.
  • Students will receive a living allowance of Euro 15,480.
  • An annual travel grant is provided to students in the amount of Euro £2,200.
  • Students will get a one-off equipment grant of Euro £1,700.
  • Opportunity to study free in UK.


Tsinghua University CSC Scholarship 2022 in China

What you will get in this program:

Here are some benefits of the Tsinghua University CSC Scholarship:

  • The scholarship funded by the Chinese government will cover the following expenses:
  • Complete Tuition Fee.
  • Living and accommodation expenses.
  • Medical Insurance of a specific limit will be provided.
  • A monthly Stipend CNY 3,000 will be provided to the master’s degree candidates.
  • A monthly Stipend CNY 3,500 will be provided to the candidates of Doctoral Degree.
  • Candidates will be promoted for the next academic year’s scholarship on the basis of their previous academic year performance.

Gates Scholarship in the USA 2023

What you will get in this program:

Gates scholarship will provide the following benefits:

  • The foundation will cover the tuition fees of students.
  • Residential accommodation.
  • Furthermore, allowance for board and room.
  • Transportation cost provision.
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funds for other incidental costs.

American University of Paris Scholarship 2023-2024 in France

What you will get in this program:

The American University of Paris provides a lot of scholarships and grant benefits. There are merit-based scholarships and many other types of grants being provided. Opportunities Circle has provided the benefits of the American University of Paris below:

The American University of Paris Scholarship Benefits:

  • 100% scholarship for international students based on merit.
  • 33%, 25%, and 50% partial scholarships are also offered.
  • Opportunity to study in Paris, a city of landscape, fashion and boutiques.
  • Interact and connect with students from different countries.
  • Experience the essence of studying in a European country.

Other grants and scholarships at the American University of Paris include:

  • Travel and research grant
  • Lubner Awards
  • Physical Activity Scholarships


MEPI Tomorrows Leaders Scholarship 2022

What you will get in this program:

MEPI Tomorrows leaders scholarship will provide the following benefits:

  • Full tuition coverage for four academic years.
  • Accommodation and University Health Insurance.
  • Entrance visa and residency permit fees.
  • Monthly allowance, books and laptop will be provided for the duration of the undergraduate program.
  • Two yearly round trips to and from the applicant’s home.
  • If the CGPA is above 3.0, a chance to study abroad in the USA for a semester.
  • Arranges Civil leadership and career-oriented workshops.
  • Continuous faculty mentorship and guidance.
  • Provides International opportunities.

Tabeer Scholarship Program 2020

What you will get in this program:

The scholarships will fund the students’ fee based on academic merit and academic excellence.

Fully Funded Wageningen University Scholarship Program 2021

What you will get in this program:

Wageningen University Scholarship offers:

Tuition fee waiver for the the program, the duration is 24 months.

Allowance for one seminar in Europe that includes registration fee stay and travel expenses.

Budget to participate for ‘reach your full potential program.’

Chulalongkorn University Scholarship in Thailand 2023 | Fully Funded

What you will get in this program:

Before proceeding, check the financial coverage and benefits of the Chulalongkorn University Scholarship for international students. Details about the benefits of full scholarships are provided below.

Benefits of the Chulalongkorn University Scholarship in Thailand:

  • Full tuition fee waiver.
  • An economy class, round-trip ticket, as paid.
  • In addition, The host university will also provide housing accommodation.
  • Furthermore, students will receive a monthly stipend of 16,000 Baht.
  • Opportunity to explore Thailand and its culture.
  • Study in Thailand without worrying about the financial burden.
  • Explore career opportunities.


Hopefully, you like a list of top scholarships list of Arab students

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