Scholarship Application Requirements Checklist

Scholarship Application Requirements

This article will explain the scholarship application requirements. But first you must know why they are required. Many students dream of studying abroad, enrolling in their dream university and studying in a foreign country. But it also has some challenges, as the hefty fees make it difficult to achieve. Here, the scholarship option comes to the rescue. Scholarships are a great way to pay for your education and reduce the financial burden of tuition and other expenses. Many top countries offer scholarships for international students, including USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Turkey, Germany, Hungary and so on. Many fully funded scholarships are available for students based on their academic achievements, financial need, or other criteria, but this can also be tricky and a hurdle for some.

In order to apply for a scholarship, you will typically need to meet certain requirements. These requirements can vary depending on the scholarship. The process of applying for the scholarship is a task on its own as sometimes understanding scholarship application requirements gets tricky and could take a certain amount of time which might cause you the passing the deadline for applying. There are enormous sections to fill in with all your information, and lots of documents are required to attach; all this can also make the process stressful for the students. And if in case, you fail to provide the necessary documents or fill in the incorrect information in the forms, it causes you to lose your chance of getting that scholarship and hence lose the possibility of going abroad for studies. So, start preparing the moment you realize or decide about applying for the scholarship, no matter the region or type of scholarship you have in mind.

Documents required for every scholarship differ according to the university and the country you are applying in, but to sum up the most basic scholarship application requirements by almost every university, here we are with the following information to make your process less hectic and less stressful. Many scholarships are offered in different parts of the world, in the form of grants, prizes, studentships, competitions, fellowships, and many other categories like these, each having different criteria and making it easier to get; some are not even dependent on your grades or marks entirely. 

There are many universities in different countries which offer partially funded as well as fully funded scholarships. Here, we are providing you with some useful links which will be beneficial for your scholarship search. You can check many partially funded and fully funded scholarships around the world. Before any delay, let’s discuss the scholarship application requirements and what documents are required when applying for the scholarship.


List of Scholarship Application Requirements

Opportunities circle has listed the supporting and required documents needed when applying for the scholarship. All scholarships require these documents; there are a few more requirements that vary from country to country or are program specific. Here is the list of documents required to apply for the scholarship that you must prepare.

1. Scholarship Application Form

The first and foremost step to applying for any scholarship is to fill out the application form. You have to fill out the form precisely and correctly. Be sure to follow all of the instructions carefully and provide all of the information that is requested. This may include personal information such as your name, contact details, educational background, and information about your academic achievements and extracurricular activities. Any misleading information may lead to rejection.

2. Attested Copies Of Transcripts & Diplomas

Secondly, you need to gather all your High School, College, and University transcripts and Degrees. And if you have done some diploma, your certificate is required. After that, you must get your documents attested by the required personnel in your country. 

If your documents translated are in any language other than English, submit a translated copy, as English is the universally acceptable language. These documents will help the selection committee better understand your achievements and assess your credibility.

3. Copy of National ID Card or Passport

A copy of your ID or passport is required to submit, as having a valid visa for traveling to your destination country for your studies. Some countries also provide a six-month extended visa validity from the date you finish your education to prevent you from overstaying in the country.

4. Recommendation Letter

Some scholarship applications may require you to submit letters of recommendation from teachers, counselors, or others who can speak about your academic or personal qualities. These letters can be an essential part of your application, so make sure you ask for letters of recommendation well in advance and give the person writing the letter enough time to complete it. A recommendation letter is provided by the employer or teachers/lecturers or anyone who supervised your previous work and would be assuring your academic skills and achievements.

5. Statement of Purpose OR Motivation Letter

Many scholarship applications require a personal statement, which is a written essay in which you explain why you are applying for the scholarship and how it will help you achieve your goals. This is your chance to showcase your strengths and explain why you are a good fit for the scholarship. Be sure to focus on your goals and how the scholarship will help you achieve them, and use concrete examples to illustrate your points. According to Fulbright, one of the essential documents on your checklist should be a Statement of Purpose/Motivation letter. 

Your personal statement should list your path, including your career, personal contributions, life goals, and interests/hobbies, which support your selection of the specific program you are applying for. It is an opportunity to showcase your skills, achievements, and personal character to the scholarship committee. Make sure to read the essay prompt or instructions carefully, and take the time to craft a well-organized personal statement. Use examples and anecdotes to illustrate your points, and be sure to proofread your essay for spelling and grammar errors. 

6. Resume

Your Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) will highlight your achievement, qualities, and skill and help you form the first impression on the selection committee and make you stand out from all others. A well-drafted and formatted CV can catch the selectors’ attention quite quickly. Your CV should contain a summary of all your achievements, including education, work experience, any research done, and your qualities and skills, ideally on less than two pages. You can check how to write a good Resume for a scholarship application.

7. Standardized Test Scores

There are certain tests required in different countries to help you qualify to apply for that particular university. The different types of tests include Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), Graduate Record Examination (GRE), Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), American College Testing (ACT), GPA, and other recommendation tests. The scores required in these vary from university to university.

In case your previous education provider does not use English as the medium of communication or instructions, you will be required to attempt the English proficiency test, i.e., International English Language Testing System, known as IELTS & Test of English as a Foreign Language, or Duo-lingo English Test, and submit their scores, which should be equal to the required scores, to be eligible for the admission.

There are many other tests required for different universities across different countries.

  • For Spanish: DELE
  • For French: DELF/ DALF
  • For German: DSH, Test DAF, OSD, TELC


Additional Documents Required for Scholarship Application:

The above list mentioned some basic scholarship requirements. However, some other requirements may be needed for some scholarships. The list of additional requirements for applying for scholarships are below.

1. Parent’s/Guardian’s Financial Background

In some cases, you might have to submit your financial statement of the annual income along with proof. And also, the tax returns filed under the tax net, providing this information will help the selectors to make the decisions more accurately. However, the decision is not solely based on this factor.

2. Medical Reports

Your health care and medical reports must also be submitted with the other documents so that the selection committee will be informed about your health status beforehand. This certificate has to be issued by a registered medical practitioner or a government hospital; the aim is to ensure that whatever the information reports to the state is authentic.

The point to note here is that the certificate of your medical condition should be translated into the language of the country where you are applying for admission/ scholarship. And, also make sure that an authorized translator does the translation. Most scholarships provide the format for the medical certificate.

3. Research Proposals/Study Plan

Universities also require a study plan from the applicants who are applying for a master’s degree and a research proposal from the ones who are the application for a Doctoral degree. But remember that every scholarship is unique and may require different information. 

Scholarship Application Requirements Checklist:

Once you are done with your application form and documents, go through the checklist to ensure there are no mistakes.

  • Recheck all the documents to avoid grammatical or spelling mistakes to save yourself from first-hand embarrassment.
  • Be conscious of the word limits specified for any form.
  • Only provide the documents that the college/ university asks for or requires.
  • Good to have copies of all your documents for yourself
  • Make sure you submit your application before the due date, do not wait for the last day.

By following these guidelines and paying attention to the specific requirements of the scholarship you are applying for, you can increase your chances of success in the application process. Remember to start the application process early, give yourself enough time to complete the application, gather all the documents  required for international scholarship, and be thorough and accurate in your responses. Good luck with your scholarship application!


Article by: Saffa Nasir

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