Top Internships For International Students 2023

Top Internships For International Students

Internships are very important for career development. Opportunities Circle is here with a list of top internships for International students. International internships are an excellent way for students to gain professional experience while immersing themselves in a new culture. With the increasing globalization of the job market, international experience has become an asset that many employers value highly. As a result, more students seek international internships to gain a competitive edge in the job market.

Furthermore, there are many benefits of internships for international students. For one, they offer international students the opportunity to develop a global perspective and explore new different cultures and ways of doing business. In addition, international internships can help students build valuable professional networks, which can be an asset in their future careers. Moreover, interning abroad can help students enhance their language skills, adaptability, and problem-solving abilities.

International students should apply for internships abroad for a lot of reasons. Firstly, it allows students to explore a new country and learn about a different culture. Secondly, it can help students stand out from their peers and show potential employers that they are adaptable and have a global perspective. Lastly, internships for international students can be a great way for them to gain hands-on experience in their field of study and learn from professionals in their chosen field.

By gaining practical experience and expanding their skillset, international students can become preferred candidates for job opportunities. So, whether you’re interested in finance, engineering, science or any other field, consider applying for an international internship to gain valuable experience and boost your career prospects. Many top organisations and companies are offering internships in UK, USA, Europe and other top countries and some of them are still accepting application.

One thing that haunts every student about studying abroad or going abroad for an internship is the financial burden. But don’t worry; Opportunities Circle has a solution as well. There are many fully funded internships that cover accommodation and living expenses and even provide flight fare (airfare). Other than fully and partially funded internships, there are many paid internships where international students receive a good stipend to cover living abroad. So you do not need to worry about the money required to go abroad and focus on gaining practical experience and improving your Resume. Below is the list of some top internships for international students where you can apply now.


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CERN Administrative Student Program 2024 in Switzerland | Fully Funded

What you will get in this program:

Before you start the application process, check what benefits and financial support is provided for international students under this fully funded internship program in Europe. Opportunities Circle has listed the benefits of the CERN Administrative Student Program 2024 in Switzerland.

Benefits of International Internship at CERN:

  • Internship contract for 2 to 12 months and an opportunity to live in Europe.
  • CERN will provide a monthly allowance of 3407 francs.
  • CERN will also provide a travel allowance for international students.
  • In addition, a supplementary grant if the intern is married or has children.
  • Moreover, CERN will cover medical assurance.
  • In addition, the host organization provides paid 2.5 leaves monthly.
  • Furthermore, it is a good opportunity to gain professional experience and exposure to international institutions.
  • Build your network and get mentorship from experts and professionals in relevant fields.


CERN Technical Student Program 2024 | Fully Funded Internships in Switzerland

What you will get in this program:

If you are motivated to join the CERN Technical Student Program and want to learn in a unique working environment, then this paid internship only requires your passion. Read the benefits of the fully funded technical internship before starting the application process.

Financial Benefits of the CERN Technical Student Program 2024:

  • Interns will get a 4 to 12-month contract to work with CERN.
  • Furthermore, CERN interns will get an allowance of 3407 Swiss Francs/month (net of tax).
  • Depending on the interns’ circumstances, a supplement is provided if they are married or have children.
  • In addition, interns will also receive a travel allowance (that includes Economy Class Tickets).
  • CERN will also provide a health insurance scheme.
  • Interns will also get 2-5 days of paid leave per month.
  • All the CERN technical internships offer additional benefits, so we recommend you read the benefits of that specific program on the official website, too.  
  • In addition, the paid internship in Switzerland is an excellent opportunity to learn technical things in your relevant field and get experience.


OIST Internship in Japan 2024 | Fully Funded

What you will get in this program:

You must be thinking about the benefits this OIST fall 2023 internship will provide for international students. Do not worry; this research internship is fully funded, covering all basic expenses. Opportunities Circle has listed the benefits and financial coverage below.

Benefits of OIST Internship 2024:

  • Interns will receive round-trip tickets.
  • OIST will also provide support to gain a visa for the international internship.
  • Provision of accommodation on or off-campus.
  • Moreover, interns will receive a stipend of 2,400 JPY per day (taxable).
  • Opportunity to work in top international labs.
  • Explore Japanese culture.
  • Visit Japan and work with top researchers.
  • This internship will be an excellent addition to your Resume.
  • Gain valuable experience in Japan that will help you open doors to further international opportunities.


KAUST International Internship in Saudi Arabia 2023-2024 | Fully Funded

What you will get in this program:

Eligible and starting your application? Hold on! You must check what benefits and financial coverage this fully funded internship in Saudi Arabia offers for international interns. Opportunities circle has provided a list of benefits below.

KAUST International Internship 2023 Benefits for International Students:

  • A monthly stipend (salary) of $1000 for international interns.
  • A bedroom with a private bathroom will be provided.
  • Coverage of visa cost.
  • Provision of roundtrip airfare.
  • Health insurance.
  • Participation in social and cultural activities.
  • Access to community resources.
  • Opportunity to gain practical experience.
  • Exposure to the international professional working environment.


CERN Short Term Internship 2023 in Switzerland | Paid Internship in Europe

What you will get in this program:

You have read about the criteria and requirements, now check what you will get if you are selected for the CERN paid internship in Europe. The benefits are listed below.

CERN Short Term Internship Benefits:

  • Interns will receive a monthly allowance of 1,516 Swiss francs – please note, however, the cost of living in Geneva is high, and this allowance is just a supplement.
  • Opportunity to gain hands-on experience by working in one of the European countries.
  • This internship will be a good addition to the intern’s Resume!
  • Furthermore, it is an excellent opportunity to improve your network and grow professionally in your respective career.
  • Opportunity to live in Switzerland for a short period of time.
  • Explore European culture.


IST Internship Program in Austria 2023 | Paid Internship in Europe

What you will get in this program:

Interested? But before you proceed to apply, check what financial coverage is offered. The internship is paid so you do not need to worry. Further details about the benefits are provided.

Benefits of IST Paid Internship Program in Europe

  • Interns will receive a monthly stipend of EUR 1,184.
  • Moreover, interns will also receive health insurance.
  • Interns will get an opportunity to gain research experience under the supervision of professionals.
  • Opportunity to gain experience at top laboratories in Europe.
  • Work with international researchers.
  • Connect with like-minded scientists and mentors from all around the world.


Free Online Internships with Certificate | Virtual Internships 2023

What you will get in this program:

Ready to start your application? Wait! You must check the benefits of the remote internship program. Details are provided in this section.

Free Online Internships 2023 Benefits

  • This virtual internship program is free for everyone. 
  • Help candidates develop and refine skills.
  • In addition, get free verified certificates upon internship completion.
  • This online internship is a self-paced program.
  • The duration of these internships is very short, 5 to 6 hours. It is a virtual experience program.
  • Help candidates explore a career path.
  • Students will be able to get practical experience.
  • Furthermore, candidates will be able to make network with professionals in the field.
  • They can add experience to their CV or Linkedin profile.

Above mentioned internships can help you grow professionally. Therefore, you must now miss this opportunity. Remember to share these internships for international students with your friends and peers seeking an opportunity to go abroad to gain exposure and practical experience.

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