How To Apply For Chinese Government Scholarship ( Step By Step Guide)

How to apply For Chinese Government Scholarship

Many people want to pursue their education abroad  especially in China because of amazing studentship and Chinese government scholarship  but they don’t know how to apply for the Chinese government scholarship  and many people take advantage of this and get charge them a lot for this scholarship

Here we will tell you the full step by step guide for Chinese Government scholarship you don’t need to pay anyone you can apply by your own and be the part of this great opportunity in China. China Government scholarship offer fully funded opportunity to the student around the world to study in the some of the best universities in China one of the biggest economy hub in the world

There are three main scholarships in China:

1) Scholarship from the Chinese government CSC

2) Scholarship from the local government (city or province)

3) Scholarship from the Confucius Institute

Introduction to Chinese government scholarships
To promote mutual understanding, cooperation and exchanges in various fields between China and China. In other countries, the Chinese government has established a series of scholarship programs to sponsor international students, professors and academics to study and conduct research in Chinese universities

Scholarship Council of China (from now on CSC), commissioned by the Peoples Ministry of Education. The Republic of China (hereinafter, MOE) is responsible for the registration and administration of the scholarship programs of the Chinese government.

Now, 279 designated Chinese universities offer a wide variety of academic programs in science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, economics, legal studies, Management, Education, History, Literature, Philosophy and Fin. Arts for scholars at all levels.

Scholarship programs of the Chinese government

1. Bilateral program

This includes full or partial scholarships by educational exchange agreements or consensus between the Chinese government and the governments of other countries, institutions, universities or international organizations. It is compatible with university students, graduate students, general academics and senior academics. Applicants should ask the sending authorities for the study abroad from their countries of origin.

2. Chinese University Program

This is a full scholarship for designated universities in China and certain provincial education offices in specific provinces or autonomous regions to recruit outstanding international students for postgraduate studies in China. It is only compatible with graduate students. Applicants must submit their application at the designated Chinese universities that carry out this program

3. Great Wall Program:

This is a grant to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to sponsor students and scholars from developing countries to study and research in China. It is only compatible with general academics and high-level academics. Applicants must apply to the National Commissions for UNESCO in their countries of origin.

4. EU Program

This is a full scholarship to encourage students from EU member countries to study and research in China to promote mutual understanding between China and EU members. It is compatible with undergraduate students, graduate students, general scholars and high-level academics. Applicants must submit their application to the Office of Education and Culture, Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the European Union.

5. AUN Program:

This is a full scholarship for the ASEAN University Network (AUN) to sponsor students, professors and academics from ASEAN member countries to study in China and increase academic exchange and mutual understanding between the members of China and ASEAN. It only supports graduates. Applicants must apply to the AUN Secretariat.

6. PIF Program

This is a full scholarship to sponsor students from the Pacific island countries to study in China. It is compatible with university students, graduates, general academics and senior academics. Applicants must apply to the Secretariat of the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF).

7. WMO Program

This is a partial scholarship (which includes an exemption from the tuition fee, free accommodation on campus and comprehensive medical insurance) for The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) will sponsor international students to study and conduct research on meteorology, hydrology and supervision and management of water resources in China. Only university students and graduates are admitted. Applicants must apply to WMO. Support categories, duration, language of instruction, institutions and main categories are compatible.

The Chinese government scholarship programs sponsor international students, professors and academics to pursue university studies (bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate) or academic research in higher education institutions in China. The lasting Chinese government scholarship covers both the main study and the study of the Chinese language (preparatory).

Here we will tell you how you can apply for the Chinese government scholarship  in our full step by step guide

Step By Step Application Process  for Chinese Government Scholarship :

Step 1:

You can start to apply online at the CSC Scholarship website, which is also known as the Chinese Government Scholarship. Below is the link to the online application for the CSC scholarship from where you can apply online at the CSC scholarship website for Chinese government scholarships.

Step 2:

While filling out the CSC Scholarship online application form on the China Government Scholarship website, an online system of the CSC Scholarship Application website inserts the “Chinese College Scholarship Agency Number” CSC “from the university for the desire to apply it, so download the agency numbers from this link below:

Step 3:

Carefully analyze the details on the Chinese government scholarship form online before submitting your application, press the submit button once you review your CSC scholarship application and save the pdf file. Print the CSC scholarship form, prepare the listed documents that are mentioned in the next step and send 2 requests of scholarships from the Chinese government to the address of the university



Here is the list of documents you must have before applying for the Chinese Government Scholarship.

  • You must attach a copy of the passport and a letter of acceptance issued by the professors of a Chinese university to which you wish to enter.
  • An acceptance letter is completely optional, so you can also omit it.
  • Attach all the above documents with the printed form of scholarship from the Chinese government, make two series and send to the chosen Chinese university.
  • Certified copy of the MS degree for Ph.D. Applicants and Certified Bachelor’s Copy for Master’s Applicants
  • Last professors of the university Also attach the medical form
  • 1- On the sign and stamp of the cover in your photograph of the Physical Examination Form of the foreigner
  • 2- Sign and stamp at the end of the same form. scholarship at any Chinese university.
  • Some universities also have their own online application system, so in addition to the online CSC Scholarship application, you must also complete an online admission form from that Chinese university, if necessary. Then, also print the college application form and attach it to your package of scholarship application documents from the Chinese government.
  • Make two sets of above-mentioned documents but must cross-check with university requirements and then find the address of Scholarship department of the university where you wish to apply and send your 2 sets of documents via DHL, FedEx or Pakistan Post.

Step 1: Fill CSC Scholarship Online Application Form:

-Step 2: How to submit the CSC Scholarship application to the Chinese University?

  • Find out if that Chinese University requires an online application for admission alongside with CSC Scholarship application or not
  • If an online admission application is not required by the university then you need to submit CSC Scholarship online application form only and send your documents to the university
  • If they want you to submit an online application for admission to that particular Chinese University, then apply online first on their website and attach your CSC Scholarship form in online application system of that University
  • Fill rest of the admission form and CSC scholarship sponsorship form at that particular University site and review your application before submission
  • Submit your application and make 2 sets of documents and dispatch it to the University address

-Documents Required for CSC Scholarship Application?

  • Please be sure to provide certified copies of titles and transcripts for the CSC scholarship application.
  • Ask two of your teachers to give you a favour by writing letters of recommendation for you CSC Scholarship Application
  • The IELTS certificate or HSK award letter if you have it You can also provide a simple certificate stating that your last grade was taught in the English language. It is called an English proficiency certificate, which is available at your university.
  • Schedule an appointment with your doctor to conduct a complete medical examination for the CSC Scholarship and then ask your doctor to sign and seal the form.
  • Write a detailed and impressive research plan and establish clear reasons why you want to choose a Chinese university for your next grade?
  • Ask for a passport if you do not have it now and make sure you have it when submitting your CSC scholarship application.
  • If a particular Chinese university requires an evaluation of applications or an application process fee, then send it.
  • Print your receipt and attach it to the two sets of documents listed above. It is recommended to choose a reliable courier service to send your CSC scholarship application documents directly to the address of that Chinese University.
  • The Chinese Government Scholarships sponsor international students once a year at All Chinese Universities. You can keep in mind that the deadline for the China Scholarship (CSC) varies in all Chinese universities.
  • Therefore, the approximate estimate for the term of the CSC scholarship would be the end of March. If you win the CSC Scholarship, the next step will be to receive the Chinese student admission and VISA documents at your residential address.

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