Canadian Free Online Courses 2022-2023

Canadian Free Online Courses

Opportunities circle is here with Canadian Free Online Courses. Different top Canadian universities offer online courses. The free courses are open to all national and international students. Anyone from all over the world can apply for these courses. Male and female students and learners should register for the free online courses. No application fee is charged. Upon completion of the course, you can also get a verified certificate. Canadian certificates are recognized internationally. The certificates will add to your skills, which will be a plus point when applying for the job.

There are numerous fields available. These online courses cover many fields of study. It is a good addition to your CV and also your academic knowledge. Students can learn and polish skills. Students of high school, undergraduate, graduate or diploma are encouraged to apply. People not enrolled in any institute are also encouraged to register for courses, increasing their knowledge and developing new skills. Students from any field of education can avail this opportunity. Moreover, the duration of every course varies as per the session.

Many people look for online courses as it does not require spending a lot of money. Online learning is easy for students. You get everything from within your house. Therefore, we gathered free Canadian courses in one place. This article is composed of a list of the best online courses offered by top Canadian universities. The following courses are open to international students and learners. Do not miss any of these opportunities. Avail of any listed courses and upgrade your CV by upgrading your skills.

There are many benefits of these courses, first of all, courses are free, no need for an application fee. Furthermore, courses are self-paced, you can start the course according to your time availability and complete it accordingly. Moreover, a wide range of courses are offered, and students can choose the course according to their interests. The enrollment process for the course is simple and online. It only takes a few minutes to register and sign up for the course.

List of Canadian Free Online Courses

1. MC Gill University Online Courses:

MC Gill University is a prestigious university in Canada. It offers online courses for international students. The courses are free and award a verified certificate if you opt for a verified track by paying for the certificate.

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2. University of British Columbia Free Courses: 

The University of British Columbia courses are open now. All international students are eligible for this. You can pick your desired course from a wide range of available courses. Furthermore, an individual can sign up for more than one course. Mainly, courses are about marketing, business, psychology, computer science and sustainability.

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3. McMaster University Online Courses:

McMaster University is located in Canada. It is currently offering 10 online courses. These are for international students. The university is ranked among the top 100 universities in Canada. The courses are free. However, you will need to pay to get a verified certificate.

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4. Alberta University Online Courses: 

Sign up for the free online courses offered by Alberta University. International students are encouraged to apply. You can choose from a range of available courses.

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5. University of Toronto Online Courses:

The University of Toronto is well-known around the world. It is a prestigious Canadian institute. The University of Toronto offers many online courses and scholarships for international students. Select a course for you from various majors and fields available. Register now to learn from Canada’s top university. The University of Toronto offers more than 10 courses.

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