Affordable Universities in Canada for International Students 2022-23

Are you also looking for affordable universities in Canada? You are at the right place! But before discussing top affordable universities in Canada, first, we must discuss why every second student wants to study in Canada. Canada is one of the top destinations for students who wish to study abroad. Every year, more than 250,000 students go to Canada for higher education. Canada is home to 10 universities in Qs World University Ranking 2021. Canada is less expensive to study than the UK, USA, and Australia. Universities offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs to international students at cheap tuition fees.

As compared to other countries, Canada is affordable for international students. To study in Canada, you need a 20,000 CAD annually to 30,000 CAD. This range changes yearly according to the university and the program you choose.

Why study in Canada?

Canada is the ideal place for overseas students. Canada’s foreign student population has been increasing for the past 20 years. International students from all over the world want to get admission in Canadian Universities. There are several factors why everyone wants to study in Canada; some of them are discussed below:

1. Education Quality

One of the top reasons is the quality of education. Twenty-six universities in Canada are ranked in Qs World Universities Ranking. Students who get a degree from Canada have more employment opportunities than the world’s top organizations. The undergraduate programs in Canada are usually three years, and graduate programs are 1 to 3 years.

2. Provide Research Opportunities

Canadian universities are highly focused on research projects and development. For Research scholars, Canada is the best place for them. The Government of Canada and the universities provide excellent support for research in the discipline of Medicine, Telecommunication, Environmental science & technology.

3. Multicultural Country

Canada is a multicultural country. The people of Canada always warmly welcome international students. Canada is a peaceful country for students who belong the different cultures. In Canada, international students have the same right as Canadian students.

4. Low Cost of Study 

The cost of study/tuition fees at Canadian universities is low compared to the other countries (Like the US, UK, and Australia). If your budget is limited, Canada is the best place for you to study because the tuition fees of Canadian universities are less than those of other countries and there are many affordable universities in Canada offering admission for international students.

5. Earn while you Learn

Universities in Canada offer a part-time job opportunity to international students during the semester and a full-time job during the semester break. Therefore, in Canada, students can earn while studying and get hands-on experience. In addition, Canada also offers post-graduation students a work permit, so the student can do a job for three years after completing the degree.

Top Affordable Universities in Canada for International Students

Opportunities circle provides a list of some leading universities in Canada for international students that have affordable fee structures. These universities have an affordable fee structure that encourages international students to get admission. Here is the list of top universities in Canada with low tuition fees:

Memorial University of Newfoundland

  • The annual fee for the undergraduate program: 11,460 CAD
  • Annual fee for the graduate program: 6,654 CAD

Brandon University in Manitoba

  • Annual fee for undergraduate program: 14,900 CAD to 16,500 CAD
  • Annual fee for the graduate program: 6,500 CAD

University of Toronto, Ontario

  • Annual fee for undergraduate program: $54,900
  • Annual fee for graduate program: $21,560 – $64,800

University of Regina, Saskatchewan

  • Annual fee for undergraduate program: $10,795 – $12,715 CAD
  • Annual fee for graduate program: $3,519 – $9,865 CAD

University of Calgary, Alberta

  • Annual fee for undergraduate program: $22,189 – $25,079 CAD
  • Annual fee for graduate program: 8,081 CAD

University of Prince Edward

  • Annual fee for undergraduate program: $3,225 – 6,450 CAD
  • Annual fee for graduate program: $6,500 – $13,500 CAD

University of British Columbia, Vancouver

  • Annual fee for undergraduate program: $25,978 – 36,588 CAD
  • Annual fee for graduate program:8,605 CAD


Top Scholarships in Canada 2022-2023

Every year, the government of Canada and universities offer different scholarships for international students. They offer a variety of scholarships for bachelor’s, master and PhD. Scholarships in Canada cover the tuition fees, books allowance, and travel allowances, and some universities also provide a monthly stipend to international students. If you are not financially strong, but your academic background is tremendous, then Canada is the best place for you because Canada is the cheapest place to study. Here is the list of scholarships in Canada offered to international students.

1. University of Waterloo Scholarship

The University of Waterloo is a well-reputed university in Canada that offers fully-funded scholarships to international students. This scholarship is for the university’s bachelor’s, master’s and research-based programs.

2. Lester B. Pearson Scholarship at the University of Toronto

Lester B. Pearson is an undergraduate scholarship at the University of Toronto. UOT scholarship is open to international students from all over the world. Approximately 37 international students are awarded this scholarship each year. Lester B. Pearson Scholarship covers the tuition fee, Book stipend, and residence support for four years.

3. PEO International Peace Scholarship for Women

PEO International Peace scholarship is offered for international female students worldwide. This scholarship is eligible for the master’s and PhD programs. Furthermore, this scholarship covers the academic and personal expenses of the students for 1 to 2 years.

4. University of Montreal Scholarship

The University of Montreal is the top university in Canada and is top-ranked in the QS world ranking universities. This university offers international students scholarships in different bachelor’s, Masters and PhD programs. University De Montreal Scholarship covers the students’ full and partial tuition fees.

5. Douglas College Scholarship for International Students

Douglas College offers an undergraduate scholarship for international students of all countries. Douglas College Scholarship is provided to the student based on academic performance. Every year five students get this scholarship. The reason for this scholarship is to help the students financially. This scholarship covers the tuition fees of 7000 CAD.

6. University of Saskatchewan Scholarship

The University of Saskatchewan is one of the top medical universities in Canada, offering human, animal, and plant programs. The University of Saskatchewan provides many partially funded scholarships for incoming students. International scholarships are for the master’s and PhD programs. The University of Saskatchewan gives 20,000$ for PhD and 16,000$ Master’s students who get this scholarship.

7. Winnipeg President Scholarship

The University of Winnipeg offers a Winnipeg president scholarship. This scholarship is given to students who score 80% during their admission to the university. This scholarship is open to Graduates, Master’s, and Collegiate students.

8. Alberta University Scholarship

Alberta University is one of the top universities in Canada. This university offers many scholarships for international students getting admission in bachelor’s, Master and PhD programs. Alberta University Scholarship covers all the study and living expenses of the students. Students do not need to apply separately for the scholarship; the university considers the applicants after admission.

9. UBC Undergraduate Scholarship 

The University of British Columbia offers two types of undergraduate scholarships. These Scholarships are:

  • OIS (Outstanding International students) scholarship is given one time to the students on a merit-based basis when they get university admission.
  • IMES (International Major Entrance Scholarship) is awarded to brilliant students. This scholarship is awarded to the students when they get admission in the first year of the university. Students can get this scholarship until 3 years of study.

10. Canadian Government Scholarship

Canada is one the best country for study. Every year, many international students come to Canada to study because of its low tuition fees. Every year the Government of Canada offers scholarships to pursue master’s and PhD. Programs. This scholarship covers all the expenses of the students, including tuition fees, air allowance, meal expenses, book expenses, and health insurance, as well as giving the stipend to the students.


Top Courses to Study in Canada 

Choosing the right major is the most critical decision for the students because their future careers and professional lives depend on it. Here we will discuss the top courses offered by the universities of Canada.

Management Sciences

Management science is one of the top courses in Canada for the student to enroll in. This major is related to business and tied with the application of math in management. Students can learn how to apply these math rules and programming in the business.

Universities in Canada for Management Sciences

Petroleum & Chemical Engineering 

Petroleum & Chemical Engineering is another popular degree in Canada. In the first year of this degree, students can study math and science. After that, they can study petroleum & chemical engineering-related subjects. Students can get admission in bachelor’s and master’s programs in petroleum & Chemical Engineering. Here is the list of some universities in Canada offering Petroleum & Chemical Engineering:

  • University of Toronto
  • University of Albert
  • University of Regina
  • University of Calgary


In this degree, students study the financial element required for businesses. Students learn how to manage, evaluate and organize the financial aspects in business, the bank sector, and other organizations. Students can enroll in bachelor’s and master’s programs in Finance. After getting the degree, students get employment in banks and the private and government sector. Top universities in Canada for Finance are:

  • University of Toronto
  • University of British Columbia
  • McGill University
  • Queen’s University


Pharmacology is also a famous degree in Canada. It is the first step for the students who dream of becoming a pharmacist. After achieving this degree, students must pass the Pharmacy Examination Board of Canada exam and register themselves in a province college.


Medicine is the top degree in Canada. International students, mainly Pakistani and Indian students, dream of getting a medical degree from Canada. Students can get admission in undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programs in medicine. A medical degree obtained in Canada is one of the most advanced medical degree in the world. Here are the top universities to study Medicine:

  • University of Ottawa
  • University of Fraser Valley
  • Wilfrid Laurie University

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