AU All Pakistan Declamation Competition in Islamabad

Air University Islamabad Literary Society brings to you this Fall, the first edition of AU All Pakistan competition for Declamation  2017.
A two-day national declamation competition in the capital. Participants from across the country are invited to demonstrate their skills in oratory and bring to life the true spirit of public speaking.

14-15 October 2017

Individual Registration – 1,000rs

Awards for each category
Winning Prize – 25,000rs
Runner Up – 15,000rs
Third Prize – 10,000rs

• The competition is comprised of two rounds. Initial round and final round.
• There are four categories of the event; Urdu Humorous, Urdu Serious, English Humorous and English Serious.
• Participation will be as an individual representing their institute.
• There is no restriction on the number of participants from a single institute.
• Every participant must register for one of the four categories.
• All the speakers are bound to follow all the rules and regulations announced at the start of the event.
• For the Initial round, the speaker may speak for a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes. The first bell will be sound after 3 minutes and second after 5 minutes. On the second bell, the Speaker shall leave the rostrum immediately.
• For the Final round, the speaker may speak for a minimum of 4 minutes and a maximum of 6 minutes. The first bell will be sound after 4 minutes and second after 6 minutes. On the second bell, the Speaker shall leave the rostrum immediately.
• Paper reading and consultation of notes is not disallowed and shall lead towards negative marking.
• Speakers should refrain from using excessive Urdu in their English speeches and vice versa.
• The top 10 finalists from each category shall compete in the final round for the winning prizes.
• Speakers will be assessed by a panel of expert judges. The decision of the judges will be final and binding.
• Use of old speeches/scripts will not be marked positively by the jury panel. Speakers should come fully prepared with new speeches.
• ‘YouTube piracy will be discouraged in all its forms and ways.
• Any speaker passing offensive remarks against important dignitaries, making inappropriate religious/political statements, defense services, the court of law or government agencies will be immediately disqualified.
• Use of vulgar and derogatory terms will lead to immediate disqualification.
• Any indecent remarks against the chairperson, a member of the audience or another participant will not be tolerated and are also liable for instant disqualification. In such an event, a speaker may be asked to step down from the podium during the speech.
• Air University Literary Society reserves the right to change any of these rules and regulations without any prior notice, as and when required.

For information and queries, please contact
0314-2277766 M. Zalaan Khan (President AULS)
0334-8343893 Zuhair Abdullah (Vice President AULS)
0312-5137702 Rehan Ahmad (General Secretary AULS)
you can also apply from this LINK 

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